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As part of a new initiative, Schneider Brothers Ltd. promotes Art & Culture by supporting artists worldwide such as Valérie Gaillard and Matthieu Boré, two accomplished successful musicians and performers, and Espérance Pham Thai Lan, brilliant actress and filmmaker.



Born into show business!

Daughter of André Gaillard, the famous comedian from the duo "Les Frères Ennemis, and Simone Conein Gaillard, mime-artist and former partner of Marcel Marceau, Valérie Gaillard is a classically trained singer, mime and actress.

From the age of 9, she attended the stages of France and abroad in various shows. With her leaning for musicals of Broadway and films, she offers us a colored show with international references.

With her mime language very "Chaplinesque" and her light coloratura soprano voice, this artist gives a distinct personality.

Today she presents her latest creation: "MOVIE SHOW!" the 1000 references to film musics!

Click to discover her artistic universe: Valérie Gaillard



French pianist, jazz vocalist and songwriter, Matthieu Boré grew up surrounded by music and the arts, going as far back as an opera singing great grand-father. At age 7, Bore took his first piano lessons, and sang in various punk and trip hop outfits during the 1990s, before pursuing his love of vintage jazz music. In early 2000, the young pianist started playing the Parisian jazz club circuit and a year later, released an entire album of Fats Domino covers. In keeping with his fascination for 1950s R&B and R&B music, he issued Doo Wop (2003) and Sometimes on My Own (2007), the latter inspired by his idols Irvin Berlin, Hoagy Carmichael and Gershwin. 2009 saw the release of FriZZante!, an album featuring a mixture of covers and Boré originals, with full orchestra.

Matthieu Boré has performed many concerts, including ones at the Festivals of Montreal and Jarasum in Korea, the New Morning and the Olympia. In 2011 he released a live album recorded at the Duc des Lombards. Roots, Matthieu's latest studio album, is a surprising cocktail -- a strong dose of New Orleans funk, with all its nonchalance, predilection for acoustic sounds and syncopated grooves.

Discover his new album 'Naked Song' that was released last September!
Visit his website and listen to his beautiful jazzy voice: Matthieu Boré



Espérance Pham Thái Lan is a French actress, screenwriter and director.

She started by attending the famous Cours Simon, and she then met the actor Horst Buchholz who encouraged her to join Andreas Voutsinas' class where she learned acting based on the Actors studio method. After her training, Espérance landed roles for the big screen and for television. She gave their cues to well-known actors such as Laurent Stocker (Comédie-Française), Thierry Lhermitte, Clémentine Célarié, Alain Chabat, and many others. She also enriched her international carrier by adding dubbing to her set of skills.

As a teenager, she first began to write poems moving up later to short film scripts. In 1993, she directed and produced her first short film "Hasards et destin", which was awarded the "label of quality" by the C.N.C. (National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image). She followed on with other short films, including "Partie de poker" in 2007, selected in festivals, and "The more beautiful they come" (Plus belle sera la chute) in 2014. In 2010, she presented the script of her feature film "Dawn of the Emperors" (L'aube des empereurs) for the 24th Writemovies contest in LA, and she won a prize among thousand participants.

Listen to the song she wrote "Un joli conte", soundtrack of her short film "The More Beautiful They Come" (Plus belle sera la chute).

Espérance has now finished her short film "When Day Breaks"(Quand le jour se lève) , which was selected into the Cannes Short Film Corner of the The Cannes International Film Festival to be held in May 2016!

For more details, please click this link:

Click to discover her blog: Espérance PHAM THAI LAN
First preview « Quand le jour se lève » (When day breaks) with Philippe Ayme-Jouve:

Teaser « Quand le jour se lève » (When day breaks):

« Je rêve de toi » (I'm dreaming of you) Espérance's lyrics parading on sliders showing her short film « Quand le jour se lève» (When day breaks):


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